Walking In Silence for the Silenced DV Walk Is Supported By Its Founder

WOCPSCN is on a journey.  Our path is to have every country, every community, every city Walk on the first Saturday in November annually.  Just think of the impact we will make as we silently walk for those that are silenced, due to domestic violence.  We are once again teaming up with UCLA campus Solidarity 7,000, as well as other national and international organizations.  Our Walk is not a fundraiser, but instead, a community awareness Walk.  It is to allow community members that are going through DV that they are not alone, we hear you.  It is a Walk to honor the lives lost to DV, as well as awaken our communities of the lost lives due to violence in our streets.

My passion for this project is very personal.  My daughter died at the hands of her partner, as he shot her through the heart, April 20, 2001.  While she did not triumph over DV, I have recently given myself permission to triumph over my historic relationship to DV.  My book entitled “Killing Me Softly With His Words:  A Child of God’s Response to Domestic Violence,” that is on Amazon Kindle.  All proceeds from the book is will benefit the WOCPSCN Walking In Silence for the Silenced:  Domestic Violence Solidarity Walk.

On behalf of WOCPSCN, I ask that you for your part in this important work.  Become a Walk Leader for your community:

1-Gathering friends, your organization, your community; who ever you decide.

2-Select a walk area; it can be any distance.

3-Wear purple and bring a photo of the Walk honoree.

4-All phones are to be silenced and no one can speak during the Walk.  The first thing that is removed from a DV victim is their voice.  Therefore, we walk in silence to honor them.

The official banner for the Walk will be displayed soon at wocpscn.org, where you can purchase t-shirts, your purple pin, and banners for the walk.  Your balloons will be mailed to you as a thank you from WOCPSCN.

Since 2013, we have held walks in Guyana, South Africa, Australia, throughout the US, and partnered with UCLA, where we held our first Walk.  Join Us. We don’t Walk for the Cause, We Walk BECAUSE.


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