Women of African Diaspora Griots: Our Stories Alive Inaugural Griot Gathering

Free and open to the public, on Saturday, February 4, 2016, from 2-5:00 pm, Women of Concern Professionals & Strategic Conscious Networking (WOCPSCN) will host its inaugural Women of African Diaspora Griots New York City Chapter griot gathering, to be held at  Revolution Bookstore (Harlem), 437 Malcolm X Blvd., NY, NY 10037.

Guest Sister Griots

Michelle Washington Wilson is a Storyteller, Adjunct Professor, and Motivational Speaker.  Originally from students from Pre-K through College, Wilson models reading and exchanges techniques into original stories. She mesmerizes interactive experiences of the Underground Railroad while providing skills for teachers to engage students in learning.  Michelle delights audiences of all ages with rural Newtonville, New Jersey stories that brings characterizations to New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards into her presentations.

Janice Lawrence-Clarke, founder of CAFE – Caribbean American Fashion Exchange™, is an international fashion consultant recently engaged in a consultancy for the Development of a Strategic Plan for the Fashion Industry of Trinidad and Tobago, with the Trinidad and Tobago Coalition of Services Industries, a division of the Ministry of Trade Industry and Investment. A prominent figure on the social and fashion scene both as a journalist and as a fashion expert, Lawrence-Clarke revolutionized the way fashion events were covered in the print media by developing the Style Page for the Trinidad Guardian, and as Social Reporter for The Independent and Associate Editor of Ibis Magazine.

Dana Verde is an award winning filmmaker.  Verde is a screenplay writer and director that wrote the romantic comedy The Perfect Match starring Terrance J and Paula Patten, produced by Flava Unit.  She is writer/director for multiple short stories that include “In Black and White” that has received acclaim at the Black Harvest Film Festival and was featured during the New York City Summer Film Series.  Dana is founder/CEO for 3CK Media, a multicultural media firm that features mobile media streaming.  She is also a film writing consultant and conducts workshops on screenplay writing.

Loretta Green-Williams is the Gathering’s facilitator.  She is a motivational speaker, postcolonial theorist, and strategic business designer that is a research and development specialist.  Green-Williams is a guest lecturer in women’s spirituality, ethnomusicology, and urban feminist thoughts with doctoral training in social and cultural anthropology. She is founder and Chief Information Officer for  Women of Concern Professionals and Strategic Conscious Networking (WOCPSCN).  Created as a Linkedin group (December 2009), WOCPSWCN became an official professional organization in 2011.  Green-Williams is in the process of publishing several books that are due for publication 2017.

WOCPSCN’s Women of African Diaspora Griots/NYC Chapter mission is to Tell, Share, Write, and Show our Love for God, family, and community …We tell our stories within the framework of our ancient mother griots.  For more information,  WOCPSCN  (916) 653-0579 or wocpscn@gmail.com, or reserve your seating on Eventbrite at https://www.eventbrite.com/o/women-of-concern-professionals-amp-strategic-conscious-networking-3479186007

Women of African Diaspora Griots: Our Stories Alive Inaugural Griot Gathering










Women of African Diaspora Griots/NYC Chapter

Sat, February 4, 2017

2:00 PM – 5:00 PM EST


Revolution Bookstore (Harlem)

437 Malcolm X Blvd

New York, New York 10037

contact us at 916.538.0579