Growing an International Community

We have had the pleasure of having 152 people join the WOCPSCN Linkedin group, and close to 200 “Likes” on our FB page.  But the greatest joy for me is one of our LI people would like to consider a developing a group in India.  Why is this such a monumental event for us? 1-Cultural Alliances  2-It’s a man who would like to consider creation the WOCPSCN chapter.

When I started the group on LI, I wasn’t sure of its direction.  Our first year (2010), I was getting my feel wet.  Still,l I was consistent and remained visual.  That same year we began the AM Power Networking, and beginning September we will begin the “Mix and Mingles” our after work networking.  we now have our fiscal year of 2013 growing in leaps and bounds.

The second reason for such excitement is that a chapter in India will afford us the opportunity to support my theory that the WOCPSCN concept can be integrated when the common theme is economic sustainability.  Therefore, language or cultural differences will not intercede the need for strategic survival techniques.  It also shows that WOCPSCN is a supporting organization for everyone.

As I continue to grow with all our wonderful social media members,  I am learning some valuable lessons.  I must be patient and wait for others to catch the vision.  I must remain consistent and constantly visible.  And most of all, realize that my purpose is what I am doing.

I look forward having you  join the full membership process, so that you can take advantage of our regional, national, and international growth.  Just go to and be a part of some big, something great.